Our multidisciplinary skills and professional expertise allow us to provide top quality services in the architectural, engineering and technical administration spheres. This is how we have won the confidence of both national and International partners. We provide advice and assistance throughout every stage of a project, from the original concept to obtaining permits and from site work management to final inspections. All this makes us a truly all-round partner for any top quality retail and real estate project.


  • Retail urban planning requirements report
  • Retail standards analysis at both a local and regional level, according to the type of structure to be built (neighbourhood business, medium or large retail structure, shopping centre or outlet)
  • Complete analyses of project feasibility, reports on best retail procedures for reaching targets and relative timeframes
  • Procedures required for Retail Authorisations
  • Environmental procedures required before Retail Authorisations can be granted (V.I.A. – Environmental Impact Assessment and Eligibility Tests with Environmental screening)
  • Coordination of road network reports required for Retail Authorisations
  • Presentation of Retail Authorisation requests including all necessary technical attachments and monitoring of procedures until said authorisations have been granted
  • Business commencement assistance, including all administrative procedures required when opening to the public (fitness for use, fire prevention, etc.), and collaboration with local authority and/or client’s experts.
  • Procedures for amending, amplifying, reducing, breaking down and redefining retail authorisations that have already been granted and/or are in operation.



  • Total station, GPS and laser scanner surveys
  • Rendering surveys on relevant software
  • Surveys for land registry purposes

Urban and local planning

  • Uniform Coordination Plans (PUC)
  • Working urban development plans (Detailed Plans, Economic and Council House Plans, Existing Building Regeneration Plans, Industrial Production Area Plans, Approved Working Plans and relevant environmental procedures).


  • Road infrastructure preliminary, definitive and approved final plans
  • Preliminary, definitive and approved final plans for primary, secondary and induced urban development works
  • Preliminary, definitive and approved final plans for hydrogeological works.

Hydraulic engineering

  • Preliminary, definitive and approved final plans for hydraulic works
  • Hydraulic inspections.

Technological networks and subservices

  • Detailed technological network and sub service reports
  • Project coordination with public supply service companies.

Architectural design

  • Retail Authorisation procedures for medium and large scale retail structures and relative environmental processes
  • Building practices (Notice of Approved Construction, Notice of Works Commencement Certificate, Notice of Works Commencement, Building Permits)
  • Preliminary, definitive and approved final architectural plans.

Structural engineering

  • Preliminary, definitive and approved final structural plans for civil, retail, industrial and infrastructure projects. The structural design is integrated and coordinated with the other sectors throughout the project, from the original concept to the granting of the required technical authorisations and from the drafting of construction drawings to on-site and testing assistance.
  • Designs for earthquake-resistant structures in reinforced concrete, steel, steel and concrete combinations, masonry and wood, as well as the structural rehabilitation of existing structures in masonry and reinforced concrete (including historical monuments) through the use of innovative materials and techniques. The designs are integrated with the geotechnical aspects of the foundation and support works (surface and buried).

Geotechnical engineering

  • Geotechnical design coordination via external specialised consultation.

Fire prevention

  • Coordination of fire prevention planning via external specialised consultation.

Service supply engineering

  • Service supply design coordination via external specialised consultation.


Health and Safety coordination

  • Drafting of Health and Safety in mobile and temporary building sites documentation in compliance with Italian Law no. 81/2008
  • Drafting of Health and Safety Plan and coordination in design phase
  • Health and Safety coordination in building phase
  • Project maintenance plans.

Works management and accounting

  • Bill of quantities and estimate requests
  • Bill of quantity estimates
  • Works management
  • Project completion, suspension and relaunch, work quantification and account register draft, progress reports and payment certificates
  • Certificates of correct completion
  • Administrative procedures for obtaining fitness for use authorisation
  • Drafting of as-built drawings.


  • Drafting of energy performance certificates
  • Retail building Itaca Protocol certification consultancy

Quantity surveying and land registration

  • Real estate assessments and quantity surveying
  • Land registration inheritance and assignment declarations
  • Land registration procedures at Local Land Registry Office (Land and Building Registration).

Final testing

  • Static tests
  • Technical administration tests
  • Service supply test coordination.


  • Drafting of guidelines for sales point layout (tenant book) in medium and large scale retail structures
  • Layout project inspection
  • Layout project work checks and coordination
  • Administrative procedures for opening sales points
  • Administrative procedures for renovating, refurbishing, extending and redefining existing sales points